Castle Equipment Products

Castle Equipment offers premium and custom-made attachments for any-sized excavator. Our rakes, buckets, and rippers can turn any existing excavator into a versatile and efficient workhorse. All our products are customized to fit existing excavator specifications and needs.

We are based out of Qualicum Beach, BC, and provide for our clients a thorough and detailed manufacturing process. We work closely with our clients to design the ideal excavator attachment for their projects. Our products are made with durable materials and are strong enough to handle the most challenging jobs.

All our products are covered by a two-year warranty, and you can be sure that our excavator attachments will last for much longer than that. Below is a list of our current exceptional products.

Excavator Buckets

Our excavator buckets make cleaning debris easy. Strong and durable, these buckets can be used for penetrating topsoil, creating ditches, or backfill after digging.

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Excavator Rakes

Our excavator rakes provide the perfect solution for those looking to remove debris and clean an excavation site. Our rakes are made with thick and durable tines that can move large materials.

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Excavator Rippers

Our excavator rippers are perfect for breaking through tough soil. Capable of removing hard topsoil for high-impact digging, these ripper tooth attachments easily boost productivity at an excavation site.

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Excavator Thumbs

Our excavator thumbs instantly add some much-needed versatility to any excavator. They can be custom-made to rotate on the same axis as a bucket, allowing an excavator to reach any angle.

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We can customize any of our products to fit your needs and excavator size. We also offer customized features and design options, such as colors and logos. We use premium materials and provide all our products for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

We are a new company that is offering exceptional service to establish relationships in the industry. All our attachments can be made to fit seamlessly on existing excavators. If you are looking for durable excavator attachments at unbeatable prices, contact us today.