Excavator Thumbs

Castle Equipment manufacturers custom excavator thumbs that will fit onto any existing excavator rig. These thumbs work in unison with an excavator bucket to improve the versatility of any excavator.

Our custom-made excavator thumbs are designed to fit specific criteria. No matter the specifications or the needs of your excavator, our thumbs will be the perfect fit.

Excavator thumbs attachment

The Benefits of Our Excavator Thumbs

Each custom-made excavator thumb is made to last and designed with your needs and challenges in mind. They will work seamlessly with an existing bucket and are accurately sized to create a tight fit. A custom-made excavator thumb can rotate on the same axis as a bucket. As a result, the thumb will stay securely in place at most angles, preventing any objects from coming loose.

With a hydraulic thumb attachment, there is no object that a bucket cannot access. Once attached, an excavator can easily grab objects without having to dig up the dirt underneath. This will make an excavator perfect for grabbing heavy debris or transferring equipment.

Additional benefits of our custom-made excavator thumbs include:

  • Superior fitment and less bolt-on time than other thumb options
  • Made to last with extreme strength and durability to withstand any job’s environment
  • Comfortably fits lightweight excavators (even the smallest 1-5 ton excavators)
  • Branding and design options
  • Free estimates
  • Expert customer service
  • Two-year warranty

Castle Equipment is a low-cost manufacturer of excavator products. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge needed to create the perfect excavator thumb. We can also provide welding services for old excavator thumbs to fit a newer or different-sized excavator.

If you are looking for excavator products or services, our team is ready for any inquiries you may have, contact us today and get a free estimate.