Excavator Buckets

At Castle Equipment, we provide customized excavator buckets to fit existing rigs. Our strong and durable buckets can be designed to fit a wide variety of roles and excavator sizes. We offer all-purpose, trenching, heavy-duty, and other specialty buckets that will be designed to fit unique excavator specifications and uses.

The Importance of Excavator Buckets

Excavator buckets are essential attachments for an excavator. They are used to dig through soil and to scoop up dirt and move gathered materials. This makes them ideal for digging and refilling holes, moving large debris, and clearing the land.

When it comes to choosing an excavator bucket, size is the most important aspect to consider. Not only will the bucket need to be large enough to handle sufficient material, but it must also be an appropriate size to fit onto the existing excavator.

Another important aspect to consider is the build quality. Excavator buckets handle a lot of stress and need to withstand constant wear and tear. Poor build quality can lead to chips, cracks, and large holes. Weak attachments may be unable to penetrate certain soils without snapping.

The Benefits of Excavator Buckets from Castle Equipment

At Castle Equipment, we design our products to be strong and capable for the toughest jobs. We are a low-cost manufacturer offering customizable products at exceptional prices. We manufacture excavator buckets that come with the following benefits:

  • Custom specifications for bucket size and teeth
  • Custom branding and design options
  • Custom welding to fit existing excavators
  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Two-year warranty
  • Free estimates

Those looking for a perfectly sized excavator bucket that is strong and durable should contact us. Not only are we able to do custom welding to fit our attachments to existing excavators, but we also provide a free estimate for the cost of the process. During this estimate, we will outline specifications and the materials used for each product.

All our attachments are made to last and come with a two-year warranty. If you are interested in learning more about our products, please contact us.