Excavator Rippers

At Castle Equipment, we can design and manufacture a ripper tooth to fit any excavator. Our team has the experience needed to create excavator rippers that will fit custom specifications, contain customized features, and be extra durable with professional welding. No matter the size of an existing excavator, we can create the ideal ripper tooth needed for the job.

Excavator ripper manufactured by Castle Equipment

The Benefits of Our Excavator Rippers

Our excavator rippers are powerful enough to tear through dense soil, allowing you to get to the unobstructed access to coveted minerals. Our rippers are strong, customizable, professionally welded, and ready for the most challenging tasks.

Excavator rippers can replace excavator buckets when the soil is too dense. With a custom-made ripper and bucket, an excavator will be effective when digging through any kind of soil.

We are a Trusted Low-Cost Manufacturer of Excavator Ripper Teeth

At Castle Equipment, we have established ourselves as a low-cost provider of custom-made excavator ripper teeth. We perform thorough inspections on every product and work closely with the client to accurately design the ripper teeth to meet their unique specification.

Excavator Ripper attachment

Castle Equipment offers customizable ripper teeth at exceptional prices. Our custom designed excavator ripper teeth come with many benefits:

  • Built with strong and durable material
  • Custom specifications
  • Custom features
  • Custom welding
  • Free estimates
  • Full warranty for two years
  • Lower cost than competitors

We back all our excavator attachments with exceptional service, a warranty, and custom design at a fraction of the price. We can manufacture excavator rippers to fit almost all existing excavator models. If needed, custom welding can be done to repair or modify existing excavators or ripper teeth.

If you are looking for a new excavator ripper or repairs to an old one, do not hesitate to contact us. We listen to all inquiries and can provide a free estimate for the cost of the product. We have been creating excavator attachments for years and are ready for any challenge.