Excavator Rakes

At Castle Equipment, we can manufacture durable and custom-made excavator rake attachments to fit any existing excavator. We can design and weld an excavator rake to fit any purpose and specifications. Our custom-made excavator rakes provide an accurate fit that allows for quicker attachment, optimal rake width, and custom tine dimensions.

Benefits of Our Customized Excavator Rakes

At Castle Equipment, we manufacture excavator rakes are with premium materials that are ready for challenging tasks. We can provide can be custom welding to customize the specifications of an excavator rake to fit an existing excavator.

Our excavator rakes are the ideal attachment for cleaning and preparing the land. This attachment will easily remove debris without disrupting and retaining dirt, soil, and minerals. This makes them ideal for construction projects, forestry projects, as well as for large landscaping projects.

We Manufacture Premium Excavator Rakes at Affordable Prices

At Castle Equipment, we are a low-cost manufacturer offering customizable products at exceptional prices. Our manufactured excavator rakes come with customization features and services:

  • Custom specifications for tines and rake size
  • Custom features
  • Branding and design options
  • Custom welding to fit existing excavators
  • Lower cost than competitors
  • Excellent customer service
  • Two-year warranty
  • Free estimates

If you are looking for an excavator rake to fit an existing excavator, we can help. We provide responsive customer service, direct communication with customers, and free estimates for all inquiries. All our attachments are strong and built to last and each purchase is covered by a full two-year warranty.

Before shopping at bigger name brands, contact us. We can provide you with a personalized deal on a custom-made excavator rake that will be designed with your specifications and needs in mind. We have the expertise needed to create the right excavator rake for your project.